Reflecting on Thinking

We have been asked to reflect on: “Can you think of any examples of courses you’ve taken in your university study where ICTs have been used to transform (to think differently) your learning experience?”

I have been challenged to think about my identity, pedagogy, and philosophy, though still not sure how to explain this. I have been challenged in the use of ICTs through the construction of tasks using ICT because the learning was new or unfamiliar. All my subjects have been accessed through ICT, portfolio begun, web sites opened, avenues for communication (forums, blackboard collaborate, wiki, facebook) used. I would not know or use most of these technologies without them being an aspect of my degree.

I would not be studying were it not for the availability of ICT and I recognise that learning to use it will be an ongoing affair – a love/hate relationship, well maybe not hate. Transformation has come in the form of access to so much more technology than when I was at school (in the 1970s) and speedy access to information not available before or too time consuming to find. ICTs has opened up possibilities of going where I haven’t been before, and that is scary as well as exciting.


Fabricated myths in Aboriginal History

I am studying EDC 2200 Indigenous Studies and came across this link to interesting information which accentuates a number of myths and European perspectives.

Fabricated myths in Aboriginal History


I am a child of the 60’s (so yes very mature) fulfilling a long awaited goal of becoming a teacher (officially). I have been studying the primary/middle school specialization online since semester 3 2012. Having the opportunity of studying online has allowed me to continue working. I have been working in a local high school as a teacher aide in learning support and special education since 2003. After supporting my 2 daughters throughout their schooling until they finished senior, I decided it was now my turn! I am happily married and, as I said, have 2 daughters.

Studying and working has been a challenge but I have learnt so much. During my studies I have been introduced to a lot of technology that I mostly knew nothing about and some that has been consolidated.  I am eager to learn how to enhance/improve children’s learning as well as my own.

Recording evidence

Just wondering how other education students are recording how they are meeting the teacher standards for their portfolio.  I think we need to have a digital and hard copy to show. I was thinking of using a table with the standards along the top and evidence of how I’ve met them listed below with hyperlinks, text, photos etc. Anyone got any other efficient or creative ideas of recording this?