Programmed vs Creative

After reading the blog by Tom Barrett called “What all flourishing environments need” I am worried that this is not happening near enough in schools. We get bogged down with the day to day policies and procedures, managing the behaviour of so many students, meeting the myriad of students’ needs for support or extension or inclusion and all the while trying to cover everything we are supposed to cover in the national curriculum. At times it feels we need to draw on superhuman strength to do all we do AND allow our students to be creative, innovative thinkers ready to tackle the world’s problems and expectations.  I don’t want to be an educator that programmes little people to do what everybody else does but I want to be able to motivate young people to be critical thinkers and try things that are a bit different and untried. I realise that this starts with me first. I need to be critical and try different things, different strategies and to be more creative in how I learn and teach young people.


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