Meeting Autism Head-on

Whilst listening to a video on how to meet the needs of Autistic students a Barry Grossman comments that a team approach is needed. It is not just one person’s or group’s responsibility (such as the Special Education Unit) to look after Autistic students; it is a team effort. Autism is becoming more and more prevalent with more emphasis on early diagnosis and the roll out of the Disability Act where educators are being called to account on how they are meeting the needs of students. All the stakeholders need to work together to explicitly teach social and communication skills and “emotional regulation” so that these students (don’t really like to use these, but couldn’t think of a better word for now) can learn life skills, live independently and have successful lives.

A list of adjustments that can be made is proposed by the Department of Education and Training (QLD) which incorporates suggestions, strategies and resources (including ICTs). In one of my tutorials/lectures it was said that if you provide a classroom that caters for Autistic Spectrum students it will benefit all students. Just as we are being asked to not be fearful of unfamiliar technology, Autistic students and their carers are asking society not to be afraid of people who are different.

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