Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change – Second Idea

Following on from your comments about low-income students, I believe schools or teachers do need to consider the level of access some students may have. I work in a low socioeconomic school where some families do struggle to pay the (low really) textbook fee, and not all students have a internet connected, printing capable computer to use for their assignments. Another consideration is EAL/D students with language barriers and setting up a new home in Australia.

Lisa Connolly

The second idea that Postman talked about was difficult for me to, well I don’t want to say understand, maybe apply from my own teaching. I couldn’t really think of a teaching experience, so again I had to discuss my own personal experience, this time when I was in primary school. My household only consisted of myself and my mother. Initially, she was a stay-at-home mum until I was in grade 6, where she started work as a teacher aide. We weren’t exactly poor, but we didn’t have a lot of luxuries. In school, we were sometimes given tasks/assignments that we had to do on the computer, but I could never afford a computer at home! I would have to go to the library (paying $2 for every half hour, plus printing) and try to scramble in as much work as I could in a small amount of time…

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