Copiers Beware!

As Tracey Davis shared in her blog about sharing pictures etc. I too have had to rethink how I use these resources. Unfortunately, I only read about this just before having to submit my first assignment which resulted in me madly trying to find appropriate sources for my images, deleting and changing some when I thought I was done!!  Previous to reading about how to attribute accordingly I had thought it was okay so long as you referenced the source of your material. Not happy Jan (this is showing my age using this saying..) I was thinking this morning about whether teachers in schools consider this area at all. I think a lot are ignorant (sounds harsh but talking about the official meaning of the word) about this whole copyright issue.  We are telling students to do research – copy and pasting information/images – and letting them do it illegally. Sometimes they are told to keep a bibliography but that is just looking at the referencing side not the copyright side. I think this is a big problem we need to address as future teachers if we are to use and encourage students to use ICTs in learning and life.


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