What Kind of Leader Are You?

I have just participated in a leadership webinar presented by Ben Ingram, a Student Relationship Officer with USQ. Zoom room, another new technology which I thought would work similar to blackboard collaborate, but didn’t, was used. I was frustrated because I did not seem to be able to see the other participant’s responses, but then again I wasn’t sure I was supposed to see more! The content was interesting and a reminder to revisit and use some strategies for personal and professional development.

We looked at what kind of leader we thought we were and listened to a TED talk by Drew Dudley on how a small act can impact so profoundly on another. Understanding ourselves better and knowing what motivates or drives us as well as what irritates us, can assist us in being better leaders not only in our personal lives but in our profession as well.

We were encouraged to reflect (there’s that word again) using whatever medium we felt comfortable with such as journals, blogs, or discussions with others; what we are being encouraged to do in EDC 3100. He also encouraged us to generate a “Personal Leadership Plan” where we start with a goal. Ben shared about a SMART goal. I had been introduced to SMART goals when doing a Dyslexia and Significant Reading Difficulties course last year. SMART is an anagram for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. In generating goals, for whatever purpose, using this anagram will more likely result in success. I am thankful to Ben for reminding me about setting goals as it is something I struggle with and certainly something I can develop and strengthen to help students.

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