It is a Challenge

Professional Experience, not unlike any other training ground, can be stressful and challenging. It is crunch time where we put into practice what we have been learning. Some challenges I have experienced in the past have been to establish a presence, be flexible, be prepared for anything, time management and organisational skills.

Establishing a presence in the class in a short amount of time is difficult but achievable. It is, I believe, more than just behaviour management. As well as the hard core aspects of teaching, teaching involves being relational to the students and other staff. Another challenge is being flexible and prepared for whatever may be thrown at you. When preparing and planning I am constantly getting thrown off course to follow a link to a resource or getting bogged down in gathering resources and preparing activities rather than following the plan. Time management and organisational skills is a necessary life skill to be used and honed constantly before, during and after studying.

I am grateful to the Mentor Teachers who give their time to train and support Preservice Teachers such as myself.

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