I have generated two resources for the subject EDP 4130 Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Resource One (a Slideshow) is from the Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding for Year 5 and 6 band: Investigate how electrical energy can control movement, sound or light in a designed product or system (ACTDEK020). (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2016)

It can be used as a teaching tool to supplement a Unit on Energy to allow students to investigate the role of electrical energy in everyday life. The students not only identify sources of energy but come to understand how electrical energy is used in circuits and batteries to provide society with power to control light, movement and sound. Students will explore different circuits, how they work and why they work to understand what electricity is – the flow of electrons. They will be introduced to Series and Parallel Circuits and construct simple circuits or batteries of choice as part of their learning and assessment.

The teacher will demonstrate a few circuits and students will watch YouTube clips on how to construct a range of circuits using a variety of objects. Students will research, design and construct a circuit of their choice to share with the rest of the class. To ensure students understand the process a report is to be completed along with the circuit. Students will be given a circuit checklist outlining the tasks and timeline to follow.

 Resource One


Resource Two (Data Display Unit Plan) for Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills for Years 3 and 4 band is: Collect, access and present different types of data using simple software to create information and solve problems (ACTDIP009). (ACARA, 2016)

Students will be introduced to a variety of methods of visually representing information and ideas. Mind maps will be just one of the methods students can use to create information and problem solve. The unit plan outlines a sequence of lessons and the formative and assessment tasks. The resource uses both online and offline material in the format of a booklet for students to complete, and a rubric has been generated.

Resource Two






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